TOT History

Texaco Overseas Tankship Limited (TOT) was the UK based tanker operating company of Texaco. The roots of TOT go back to 1950 when Caltex, jointly owned by Texaco and Chevron, formed Overseas Tankship (UK) Limited (OTUK). In 1967 Texaco took over the European responsibilities and assets of Caltex including Overseas Tankship when they renamed the company Texaco Overseas Tankship Limited. Also in that year Regent Petroleum was absorbed into the Texaco organisation including their fleet of tankers.

The OTUK fleet started with Second World War American designed and built T2 tankers. New vessels were ordered with the size of the fleet increasing in numbers of ships and total tonnage. By the time it became TOT very large crude carriers (VLCC) were on order, bringing further increases in vessel numbers and tonnage. At one time there were thirty vessels in this British based fleet.

Texaco was always at the forefront of new technology and management structures. To manage and operate its fleet of tankers TOT required sea and shore based personnel of high calibre. Regular training in all aspects was provided to sea and shore staffs.

With the worldwide downturn in the demand for oil and its transportation over long distances by sea came a reduction in the number of vessels operated by Texaco including the fleet of TOT. In 1994 Texaco Incorporated decided to completely withdraw from owning its own fleets of tankers. This resulted in the sale of all remaining tankers owned by the organisation in 1995. Some ships became managed by third parties with many TOT personnel being employed by the managers to continue operating them.

From this the Texaco Overseas Tankship Association came into existence.

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